2 plazas SVE para POLONIA

Hola Amig@s!

Nuestros socios de Polonia nos contactan para preguntarnos si tenemos algun amigo interesado en participar en sus proyectos SVE a partir de Marzo 2012 y durante 6 meses.

Aqui os dejamos las informaciones, si quiereis candidaros (RECUERDA!!ANTES DEL 21 DE OCTUBRE) podeis enviarnos CV y carta motivacional en inglés a sve@ingalicia.org especificando en el concepto «2 Plazas SVE para Polonia – Institute for Creative Action»

The first activity is:

•    Participate in activities with project “ The Slavic inspiration“.The main theme of this project is culture, customs and daily life of people who inhabited our land in early Middle Ages (mostly Slavic peoples). More information: http://slowianskainspiracja.blogspot.com/
•    Acquaint youngsters with customs from his/her country like regional dishes, dances, music, games, presenting country through history
•    The volunteer will learn: craft skills (archery, fencing, hand sewing, the production of ornaments, pottery, weaving, cooking, product jewelry)
•    Take part in the reconstruction of the events of early medieval history held in various places in Poland

The second activity is:

•    To improve various circus techniques (walking on stilts, juggling, riding a unicycle, diabolo, rola bola)
•    To organize free time for children and youth by using circus techniques
•    Participation in resocialization of youth in socio-therapeutic centers by using circus techniques
•    Create and animate a circus group for children and adults from Lodz
•    To organize and run circus shows for local community

If you are interested, please send your CV and motivation letter to sve@ingalicia.org or liliana.misiak-kuzbik@o2.pl.

For more detailed information, please contact: liliana.misiak-kuzbik@o2.pl

Deadline: 21 October 2011